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Cal Arts 2012 Stop Motion Selections & A Slow Guy

The first thing that we are going to have a family discussion about, yeah right, who am I kidding?!  Were going to watch the CAL ARTS film selections of
2012.  So, sit back, tell me to calm down and to STOP BREATHING ON MY NECK and watch (sorry, I have been stalked by some weird guy all day! - see! hes looking at me! Oh well, just watch.)

The first selection is named Peak Condition by Laura Jane Favela, which you can go watch on Vimeo.

Next, we will suck the lovey life-blood out of our next film that comes by the name of The Corporate Eggspert, very strange short film so, go watch it also on Vimeo.

Now, here comes the Slow Derek.  I am aware that in the past I posted this, but, it's so firggin' good that I can't resist to post it again.  You need to watch it if you haven't, if you have watch it again on Vimeo.

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