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DIY Press Molds

Press molds (a name conjured up by animators & model makers alike) are exactly what they sound like, a mold in which you press Plasticine or other clay-like materials into the negative mold,
the final product will be what ever the press mold was originally.  Now, on to a more important subject - DIY Press molds (yeah!) to first start, you must carve (out of Plasticine, Sculpey, or Super Sculpey) a positive of whatever you want to come out of your Press mold, (a puppet)

Nick Park, with Gromit

When your done (are you done yet!?) sculpting, take that brand spanking new model and place it in some kind of container: half a milk carton, Tupperware, bowl, (but, it must be slightly bigger than your puppet, otherwise it will not work) then build a Plasticine layer around your puppet, until half of it is covered in Plasticine.  Mix two-part liquid Silicone in a separate cup, then pour it slowly over the puppet until it is covered in Silicone.  Wait twenty-four hours for it to cure, then take off the Silicone layer and val-la you have half of a mold, now repeat the same process for the other side of the puppet and you have a full mold.

I bought my Silicone off line, I suggest that you do the same.

It should look something like this...

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