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Loose Moose animation & BENT Image lab

Normally, I would only talk about one animation company at a time, well, I guess that i'll talk about two.  The first company is Loose Moose LTD, in 1994, Glenn Holberton started Loose Moose with award winning director Ken Lidster.  Together they established themselves as
a specialist Stop Motion animation company.  In the '90s, they produced UK campaigns for 'Peperami', 'Monster Munch' and 'Windy Miller - Quaker Oats'.  You can check out there website here.

The next company is BENT Image lab.  I'm not going to go into the history of BENT, because they have accomplished so much in such a short time, they have done the Stop-motion parts of award winning Portlandia, have animated commercials for Brisk Ice Tea, and The Flintstones, "Cocoa Pebbles" plus short films.

This is the link to there website.

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