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"Micro Mayhem" Gets 630k Views!!! & What Camera was "Coraline" shot with?

Micro Mayhem is now 1 month old on since it was uploaded by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios on Vimeo.  Since its release, it has gained 630k views and is still at it...
(besides being the Vimeo staff pick)!  I'm not going to talk about the video since I have already in a previous post.

OK, for all you geeks out there, you'll appreciate knowing that the astounding film Coraline, was filmed with a Redlake Machine-Vision digital camera, model Megaplus II / EC11000.  Now, there is no need to grab your wallet and look on eBay for it because the cost of such a camera would be AS MUCH AS A CAR!!!  So, as you can see, a nice DSLR will work fine for all of you enthusiasts out there.

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