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Micro Mayhem! & Wacom (Whack em' Whack em')

Stoopid Buddy Stoodios has done it again, made an awesome video that screams: "Friggining' awesome!
They shot the entire 00:01:50 video on a modified spy camera!

The video was made with Dragon Frame;
Anyway, just go watch the video on Vimeo.

url.jpgNext, we have the recently released, Cintiq 22HD touch pen display by Wacom (there name is fun to say: Wacom, Wacom, Whack em'.  So anyway, it looks like a very good pen display; The touch feature on it makes your drawing feel more like it's on real paper.  I would buy this product for story boarding purposes only, but everyone will use it for different purposes; It is getting very good reviews so far, so as far as I am concerned, its a good purchase.

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